How to adapt to the digital age


Joe Kaeser is the President and CEO of Siemens AG, a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering. In order to keep being an international player, keeping up with digital innovations is key. How? Kaeser puts it simple: “The lifeblood of this company is innovation. Our mentality is not about business to business – it’s about business to society”.

Lots of things are changing but it’s our job to support that. He underlined the fact that one needs to recognize a problem, see the challenge and turn it into an opportunity. “Germans tend to fear the change of mobility. I say: let’s embrace it and create the next level of modernism.”

Joe furthermore guaranteed Dominik Wichmann at the panel discussion on stage, that “we will not die out like dinosaurs, as long as we adapt to digital changes. “ Otherwise shaping the future simply won’t work. “We will not just sit there and look how things go – we will interact and be part of the market changes”.

Modernization creates a massive paradigm shift and Joe highlighted the element that we need to include the generation Y. It’s about a new management of people, of ideas, that is way different to what it used to be in the past”.

Looking back, “when Siemens was founded, there were backyards in Germany but no garages in Silicon Valley. And look where we are now!”

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