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Communication is key. That is something Peter Hopwood knows best! He´s a communication expert helping companies, professionals and startups to confidently communicate with impact.

Whether it’s about giving a presentation, pitching your startup idea or simply bringing across your point, with these simple techniques, your stage appearance will be without fuss and simply effortless.

At his DLDsummer workshop, Peter gave lots of takeaway advice on how to gain trust through non-verbal communication and how to positively handle nerves. He shared insights into strong body language, voice control and stage presence.

With so much attention put on the words, startups and entrepreneurs often neglect certain fundamental elements that shouldn’t be put aside. Peter sheds light onto those components. “I help people tell better stories, present better and give better value. I am fascinated by body language and how one can sell an idea by simply performing the right way on stage. Make people remember you!”

If one could take 9 juicy tips away, it would be these:

#1 Trust One of the biggest challenges is making people trust you. And here comes the trick: show the audience the palms of your hands. That brings across an openness, that you can further underline with a tense body posture.

#2 self awareness Look at your own stage footage and learn from your audience – the way they perceive you is key. So before you go on stage, remind yourself of your mission, of why you are here and sell your idea!

#3 manage nerves Everybody has those butterflies in the stomach before one goes on stage. Keep calm, breathe and frame your mind. Football players for example listen to a piece of music to calm them down. Others look at the audience as if they are old friends. Whatever makes you comfortable – do!

#4 performance Be yourself, move around and keep short eye-contact. Others will always be judging you. Get out of that box and surprise them your uniqueness. Being natural helps!

#5 gestures & stance Standing is not easy – keep your two feed on your ground: you need to portray credibility. It’s about how you communicate with the audience. Your upper body can underline your message, i.e move and use gestures.

#6 making it easy Do things a little bit different, stick to your routine and if things go wrong – just roll with it! Another trick to make it easier for the audience to follow you: it’s all about from left to right. Enter from the left side, leave from the right side.

#7 eye contact Not in a creepy way. But do keep the attention of your audience by looking at them directly. It is them you want to persuade!

#8 be concise Time is the most important thing. You need a concise presentation. Cut your words down and bring your message to a certain value.

#9 silence Time to breathe. Gather your thoughts and calm your mind. This brings everything together and you can go on to the next point you want to bring across.

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