The Open Internet

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Dan Gilmore of Arizona State University speaks with Mitchell Baker (Mozilla) and Ingo Rübe (Burda Magazine Holding) about the foundations of the Internet: a decentralized open structure and why it is worth to defend.

Mitchell Baker

• The Internet was a Defense Department project, its design principle has been to be redundant, so if part of the network is destroyed it can heal itself

• the world wide web was built with the same principle as a layer sitting on top of the Internet

• the core of the Internet is what we today refer to as Open Internet

• a ground principle is the immediate and direct access for individuals

• the browser was also designed to give people the possibility to have impact on their experience, so that for instance they can block ads via their browser

• a new interesting technology is the blockchain as a new way of addressing content directly without a centralized system

Ingo Rübe

• Internet as we know it today is a product of the open standards that were defined in the early days

• The whole ecosystem did profit from these standards and open software

• The open web created millions of jobs

• The decentralized structure is threatened by the 'facebookization' of the Internet

• Producers are reduced to being mere content providers – the content will only be discovered via centralized platforms who can control distribution

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Mitchell Baker
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Arizona State University
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