Company: BOTLabs
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

BOTlabs is a Berlin based blockchain company. BOTLabs makes blockchain technology accessible for industry and public administration. The core product is the KILT-Protocol. KILT is an open source standard and implementation of a permissionless blockchain, which enables players to establish trust relations on the internet. Possible use cases range from secure single-sign-on to issuing official documents and various IOT applications. KILT strictly keeps the user in control of her data and thus breaks up data silos and re-democratizes the Web. The KILT Blockchain is based on third generation DLT and supplies a simple SDK, which makes it easy for developers to build useful applications on top of KILT, even with little to no knowledge of blockchain technology.

BOTLabs was founded in 2018 by Ingo Ruebe and Hubert Burda Media. In the meantime also Swiss Ringier AG joined as a shareholder. BOTLabs is a part of the movement towards a Web 3.0.