Digital Hub Initiative

Digital Hub Initiative

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Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

The Digital Hub Initiative is run by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and aims to strengthen Germany in its position as a world leading digital ecosystem and attractive digital location. By bringing together the expertise of established companies with innovative start-up concepts and scientific excel- lence, the Digital Hub Initiative promotes new digital business models and a strong culture of innovation.

Twelve Digital Hubs distributed over the whole of Germany form a strong network enabling the exchange of technological and business expertise, programmes and ideas. Startups, established businesses and academics join forces at each Digital Hub to find answers to the challenges of the digital age. Innovation programmes develop new solutions in industry-relevant fields, from artificial intelligence to new mobility to smart infrastruc- ture.

Driven by technical excellence and proven market competence, the Initiative is about producing innovative solutions and strong economic growth. National and international talent and investors are invited to be part of this digital success story by contributing their business ideas and inspiration.

A national Hub Agency based in Berlin coordinates collaboration between the Digital Hubs, as well as net- working and further development within the ecosystem. The Hub Agency also supports the Digital Hubs in the development of innovation formats and business models. With support from Germany Trade and Invest, the Digital Hubs are promoted both in Germany and abroad, in order to enhance the national and international visibility of Germany as an important location for digital business.

The Digital Hub Initiative includes Digital Hubs in Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt a. M. and Darmstadt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Leipzig and Dresden, Ludwigshafen and Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg and Erlangen, Potsdam, Stuttgart.