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Adalbert Raps Stiftung

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The roots of the ADALBERT RAPS Foundation go back to the founder of RAPS GmbH & CO KG.: Adalbert Raps. Deceasing in 1976 without any offspring, he determined in his last will that a part of his asset was to be transferred to a foundation. Since then, the group annually distributes 25 % of its pre-tax profit to the foundation.

The foundation’s commitment focuses on two main issues – charity and research. In terms of the charity it takes care of the ill, disabled, needful and disadvantaged people. It’s research focuses on projects dealing with the production and improvement of food.

    Some of the outstanding social projects of recent years include

  • • Kulinarix: a long-term project with local kindergartens which aims at improving the nutritional situation for children.
  • • Helden der Heimat: a social competition to find the best social innovation of Upper Franconia
  • • Social Entrepreneurship Camp: cooperation of the University of Bayreuth and Hilfswerft gGmbH to develop new social entrepreneurs
  • • Blue Eyed: a collaboration with Diversity Works intending to create awareness for daily racism through self-awareness workshops.

Our scientific research focuses on the origin of our food, the underlying analytics, the development of bioactive substances to preserve food, meat substitutes and fundamental sustainability issues of the food supply chain.

Furthermore, the foundation supports the Trüffeljagd initiative. A change management approach to save the dying butchery.

Currently – in cooperation with the Genussakademie Bayern, the Cluster Ernährung and the Kompetenzzentrum für Ernährung – the foundation started fathering an old Franconian farm to create a place where people can talk about food, experiment with it and enjoy food together in all its facets: the Heinersreuther Hof.