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Eyal Gever
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Eyal Gever

Company: Eyalgever
Title: Artist
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture, Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: eyalgever

Eyal Gever is a contemporary artist whose work sits at the fusion of art and technology. Using just a palette of code, he develops life-like digital simulations of moments in time, often dramatic or catastrophic in nature, from which he fabricates 3D-printed sculptures and installations. In his latest project #Laugh, Mr Gever collaborated with NASA and Made In Space to create a crowd-sourced visualisation of human laughter, which became the first piece of artwork ever to be sculpted in space when it was 3D-printed at the International Space Station. In 2015 his sculptures were exhibited as part of a Turner retrospective at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe alongside Gerard Richter and JMW Turner and he created Waterdancer, a “3D liquid simulation” featuring a dancer whose body appears to be made of water disperses as she moves.