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Sean Parker
Founders Fund
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Sean Parker

Company: Founders Fund
Title: Chairman
Location: San Francisco, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Sean Parker is the co-founder of music sharing service Napster, founder of online address service Plaxo, founding president of social network Facebook, and a managing partner at venture capital firm Founders Fund. Since co-founding Napster at 19, he has developed new ways to spread information online, transforming social media into a major communications channel. Products Parker has invented and developed now reach almost half a billion users. Parker has recently focused on enhancements to social networking, including location-based services and, through his start-up Causes, social philanthropy. Founded in 2007, Causes now has more than 130 million users supporting over 400,000 philanthropic endeavors, making the service the largest platform for online grassroots activism. In addition to founding and leading emerging companies directly, Sean helps oversee Founders Fund's portfolio of technology companies, including SpaceX and Spotify.